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Have you ever gone into one of the national chain stores and checked out the candy selection?

Sure some of the prices are good, and you might find what you're looking for (if it's made by one of the three or four largest candy companies). But your selection is severely limited to what they force you to believe is a 'candy department."

Do you remember what it used to be like?

You'd walk into a store and be in awe at such an array of mouthwatering treats. You could tell the proprietor what you like, and they would be able to instantly direct you to it or let you know if they could get it for you. You'd spend a good amount of time just aimlessly wandering, basking in the sweet smells, narrowing down your choices from the abundant selection. Isn't it sad that this warm memory seems to have gone the way of under-a-buck gasoline, doctor house-calls, telephone booths and milk bottles on your front porch?

Well, it's back.

We've created an exact replica. The majority of your old time favorite treats are still available, along with sweet beverages with which to wash them down. Penny candy IS, for the most part, gone, but what a return to a sweet memory from your past won't do for your state of mind, especially in these frenzied times.

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