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Novelties and Mainstream

Novelties are Items commonly distinguished by unique packaging. Think Pez (of which we happen to stock a complete line, including the unique Giant Pez) or Baby Bottle Pops. Mainstream treats would include candy bars, Razzles, Nik-L-Nips (the little wax bottles with the sweet juice), satellite wafers, Charms, etc.

And we specialize in retro candy. What's retro? How about Cherry Mash, Satellilte Wafers, Clark Bars, Zagnuts, Zotz, SenSen, Licorice Pipes, Charleston Chew, and Necco. Most of the sweets you oogled when you were a kid is still made, you just don't see it in the "big box" stores. They may have done a great job of centralizing everything under one roof and reducing prices, but they've also eliminated a lot of the variety. And you probably haven't even noticed. Do they still make those wax lips? You bet. How about candy necklaces? Still going strong. And Village Candy has them all. If fact, you'd probably be surprised how few have actually vanished.

Artisan Chocolates

Village Candy's range of artisan chocolates rivals that of many specialty chocolate stores. Our prestigious lineup includes such reputable names as Vosges Haut Chocolat, Asher’s, Callebaut, Chocolove, Wilbur Chocolates, e.Guittard, Taza, Fearless, Komforte and Dolfin. Our inventory includes bars of all sizes, spanning the whitest white through the darkest dark, some featuring exotic flavoring ingredients (including the legendary Mo’s Bacon Bar). We have chocolate smothered nuts of every type, grahams, pretzels, potato chips, cherries, marshmallow, caramel and coconut, along with a mind-bending array of chocolate shapes. If you're craving a special chocolate combination or are looking for something unusual, we have what the chocolate doctor ordered!

By The Pound (BTP)

We call these items “by the pound” because they are priced by weight (and it just has a nicer ring than “bulk candy”). No, you don’t have to buy an entire pound, but yes, you can buy multiple pounds.

Village Candy offers one of the largest selections of retro candy and current favorites. If you’re looking for any quantity of fresh candy, we’ve got you covered (more like blanketed). Check out obscure favorites such as Black Taffy, Smarties (Bubble Gum, Xtreme Sour and Tropical), Lego-like Candy Blox, Mint Juleps, Banana Splits, Fruit Slices, Bit O Honey, Mary Janes, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Fireballs, Lemonheads, Sixlets and gummies of every shape. Some come wrapped, which may be better for your partygoers to grab from a bowl, or unwrapped, which are fine for you to inhale straight from your own hand.

We also stock Jelly Belly® Gourmet Jelly Beans in almost every color and flavor made. You get to put together a mix of just what you like (and you don’t have to pick out the “gross” ones). We have over 50 individual varieties of beans, along with a wide selection of bags, boxes, tins and dispensers.

If it’s M&Ms® you’re looking for, Village Candy has them in every color available. We stock the entire 21 color pallette. Mix a bag of just the colors to set your mood – great for weddings, showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, holidays, or the colors of your school, company or team. You can use the official cone-shaped bags, fill your own containers, or let us do the work of assembling your party favors for your event. And no event is too large or small – 1 ounce or 100 pounds.

Want more color options? Select from a range of rock Candy Crystals in assorted colors and flavors.

Pucker Powder

Colored sugary pleasure by the inch! It’s like sand art that you eat. You choose from four tube sizes, and fill it from a variety of twelve sweet and sour multicolored flavors. It’s like a Pixy Stix™ buffet!

Seasonal Treats

Village Candy is your one stop shop for everything holiday. We have chocolate bunnies in every posture, Santas in positions you never imagined, Mother’s and Father’s Day assortments, Valentine's Day sweets and all sorts of seasonal favorites.

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