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Pop, soda, it's all good. And it's the same thing.

It all depends on what part of the country you’re from. Village Candy is proud to showcase one of the largest bottled pop selections ever assembled in a retail environment. We have over 150 individual pops, including such originals as Moxie, Crush, Cheerwine, Dad’s, Frostie and Vernor’s. Root and Birch and Ginger Beers, Colas, Creams, Sarsaparillas, Ginger Ales, Cherries (Black or Red), Oranges, exotic fruit flavors, and everything in between. The only things you won’t find are any "what-pass-for-sodas" from the "monopolies," and anything in plastic or aluminum. Sorry, here at Village Candy we’re purists. We believe beverages should come in receptacles that impart no flavors of their own and are easily recycleable. That’s why their producers are called “bottlers.” That used to be the only way to get them, and in this case the old way is better. And we try to stick to brands that still use cane sugar (the real thing). Sorry, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) just wasn't meant to be..

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